ICC Waste to ENERGY Solutions

International Composting Corporation (ICC Group) is a Canadian based renewable energy company committed to Waste to Energy technologies.  ICC has developed patented proprietary technologies able to convert organic waste from food, yard & garden, wood, etc, into compost, heat, and electricity through the use of composting, gasification and steam/turbine technologies, and liquid biofuel production from fuel cell exhaust gas. ICC believes that it is possible to re-create a green world, with green energy, green jobs and a green lifestyle for a healthy and wealthy future for all. ICC has three technology platforms:




 Composting Systems               Power Systems             Liquid Fuel Systems

composting     Powersystems     fuel to liquid



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Award-Winning Zero Waste Partnership
Regional District of Nanaimo & ICC Group

“Without the investment and commitment of ICC to organic waste diversion, the award-winning RDN Zero Waste Program would not be the success that it is today.”- Carey McIver, Manager, Solid Waste Regional District of Nanaimo