Market Solutions

ICC’s goal is to offer private organizations and public communities economically attractive and environmentally beneficial solutions to convert their organic waste into saleable products (compost, heat, electricity and/or liquid biofuel) by dealing sustainably with waste and reducing green house gas emissions in landfills to truly make a positive impact on the environment.

Depending on location, energy needs and waste volumes, the waste to energy cost may be significantly less than the disposal cost.

ICC’s intention is to offer its customers the following three main business benefits:

  1. Reduced waste volumes;
  2. Reduced waste disposal costs; and
  3. Reduced energy costs (heat & electricity).

At the same time, energy costs can be saved by using the produced energy to run the primary business and sell the excess energy to a local utility.

Waste management challenges and energy needs vary from sector to sector and organization to organization. 

ICC offers a differentiated needs assessment analysis followed by an individually designed project management process to ensure the best customized waste to energy solution. 

This process guarantees that ICC’s clients will get the most energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions for their waste challenges and energy needs.

ICC’s wastes to energy solutions address the needs and challenges of a variety of users, whether they are private companies or public organizations.

Private Sector Solutions

  • Residential developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Large apartment buildings 
  • Hotel resorts & casinos
  • Hospitals & health care facilities
  • Sports & recreational facilities
  • Shopping centers & malls
  • Manufacturing facilities with available feedstock (pulp & paper, forest)
  • Compost facilities and waste stream operations

Public Sector Solutions

Many people complain about the heavy costs to taxpayers for collecting garbage, and then disposing of it at the landfill.

What if it would be possible to actually generate revenue from that waste and, in turn, reduce tax rates?

  • Municipalities
  • First Nation communities
  • Remote communities
  • Universities & educational institutions
  • Government buildings
  • Military
  • Mobile operations

Strategic Partners

  • Waste stream owners or controllers
  • Green investment funds
  • Acquisition partners to be upgraded with ICC technology

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Award-Winning Zero Waste Partnership
Regional District of Nanaimo & ICC Group

“Without the investment and commitment of ICC to organic waste diversion, the award-winning RDN Zero Waste Program would not be the success that it is today.”- Carey McIver, Manager, Solid Waste Regional District of Nanaimo