ICC GROUP - CANADA – Head Office


Dr. Bryan Imber, Ph.D., MCIC, Director

  • Co-founder of ICC Group and leader of the Company since inception
  • Extensive scientific knowledge and holder of 6 patents covering oil exploration, stress protein pharmaceuticals, advanced oxidation process and composting
  • Has led three companies as CEO and taken two companies public

Mr. Jim Fernandez, Director

  • CEO and Chairman of the Board for FY International, an accounting firm linking Canada with Spain, Central and South America
  • Managing Partner at Fernandez Young & Associates, a Certified General Accountants firm based in Vancouver

Michael Weedon, BA, MBA, - Director

  • Founder and CEO of Epiphany Energy Corporation
  • Has held senior finance and general management positions in numerous industries, including the chemical industry, bringing over 25 years' experience.
  • Extensive background with renewable energy systems
  • Has served on a number of boards of director, chair of audit committee, in private, public and not-for-profit organizations


Dr. Bryan Imber, Ph D, MCICFounder, President & CEO

  • 30 years as an environmental scientist and has acted as a peer reviewer for the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the BC Science Council, and holds six patents for various environmental technologies.
  • Holds degrees in chemistry and geology and a Ph.D. in chemical oceanography from the University of Liverpool, England.
  • Developed successful research companies focused on biotechnology, environmental chemistry and industrial waste treatment technology. 
  • Actively involved in the delivery of pragmatic scientific research in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom and is recognized internationally for his experience in the environmental field and his work on the effects of pollutants on the environment. 
  • Expert on the bioavailability of trace metals and is published in the field of organic contaminant fate and effect.

Mr. Brian Levinkind B.Comm., CA, CA(SA) - Chief Financial Officer

  • 20 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant in both Canada and South Africa.  
  • 7 years as a partner at Grant Thornton LLP in Canada, integral in the planning, structuring and implementation of numerous significant financings, mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganizations.  
  • Established client base that included companies in a broad range of sectors including a focus on the resource and financial institutions sectors. 
  • Previous experience includes management appointments at KPMG and HSBC's head office in Vancouver, Canada.

Mr. Behzad Bahtooi, M.A.Sc, MBA – VP of Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineer with 17 years of experience in design, manufacturing and project management.
  • Responsible for key R&D technology development, as well as system, process, and equipment design.
  • Previous involvement with energy related projects and has managed several large projects in the oil & gas sector.
  • Expert in energy conversion and steam systems. 

Mr. Debanjan Chakrabarti, Ph.D – Senior Research Engineer

  • PhD in Chemical Engineering, and a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering.
  • Responsible for key R&D technology development, with proficiency in the scaling of process systems, development and intefration of novel technologies into schematic of existing plant schematics, and emission quantification from mass and energy balance.
  • Focus on process development and C02 Mitigation.
  • Expert in energy conversion and Fisher-Tropsch Technology

Mr. Jacques Durand - VP of Research and Development

  • 18 years of experience in process system design and project management.
  • Responsible for overall quality of system design, project management, implementation and start-up.
  • Expertise on system integration and development with a broad range of technologies.

Ms. Cheryl Amsing, BBA  -  VP of Finance

  • 15 years of experience in accounting, corporate control, and project coordination. 
  • Responsible for development of HR policies and procedures, and documentation management. 
  • Manages accounting and IT systems.
  • A bachelor's degree in Business, Major in Management

Ms. Cynthia Wilson  -  VP of Corporate Development

  • Visionary and successful entrepreneur for the past 30 years.
  • Cynthia leveraged her experience into the launch of a strategic partnering firm dedicated to sourcing green technologies and establishing collaborative relationships with companies that need to reduce their carbon footprint. This led to her working with an award-winning solar company. 
  • Focused professional with a proven track record of successfully overseeing multiple projects in diverse sectors - from energy to media.
  • Primarily focused on corporate development and finance, Cynthia is a driving force in bringing the diverse strategies of partners and projects to success.


Dr. Calvin Bartholomew – Chair, Scientific Advisory Group

  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Stanford, and joined the Chemical Engineering faculty at BYU in 1973.
  • Conducted research for 40 years in catalysis and; has been principal investigator or co-investigator on over 60 grants and contracts. He is the author or co-author of 5 books and 120 peer-reviewed papers with emphasis on catalyst design, catalyst deactivation, and syngas production/conversion catalysis. 
  • Worked with his associate Professor William Hecker to organize a Fisher-Tropsch Consortium at BYU which already includes three international companies and one U.S. national laboratory as members. 

Mr. Kris Luczynski – Gasification

  • President of a local Gasification Engineering company responsible for the design and controls component of the gasification phase of the ICC process.  
  • Works with other suppliers of the power generation process to provide final design specifications.



Mr. Dave Knox, PMP, ISP – Brazil Agent

  • 30 years experience in providing a wide variety of information technology consulting and management services covering systems planning, analysis, design and development, project management and general management consulting in a wide range of technology and business environments.  
  • Liason between the ICC Head Office and ICC agents in Brazil.
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Information Systems Professional (ISP) designation from the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS).  He has a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Royal Roads University.

ICC UK – Head Office


Mr. John Crooks - Managing Director, ICC UK

Mr. Nick Imber – Director, ICC UK

  • 30 years as a town planner involved in large scale developments, dealing with local government.
  • 20 years as CEO of Aldwyck Housing Association, which saw a 600% increase in housing stock and a 2400% increase in revenue.
  • Proven management capacity and a large network of operational and private sector contacts.

Mr. Bryan Imber - Director

  • Co-Founder of ICC UK
  • Extensive scientific knowledge and holder of 6 patents covering oil exploration, stress protein pharmaceuticals, advanced oxidation process and composting
  • Has led three companies as CEO and taken two companies public

Mr. Oliver Stennett - Director


Award-Winning Zero Waste Partnership
Regional District of Nanaimo & ICC Group

“Without the investment and commitment of ICC to organic waste diversion, the award-winning RDN Zero Waste Program would not be the success that it is today.”- Carey McIver, Manager, Solid Waste Regional District of Nanaimo