Levenseat Facility - Scotland

  • iccgroup-levenseatfacilityICC UK was established in June 2005 to take advantage of the growing Source Separated Organics (“SSO”) waste programs developing in Europe as a result of the Animal By-Products Regulation put into place by the European Union two years previously.  
  • ICC UK has executive offices located in Letchworth, Herts, SG6 3ND, UK and has two executives under contract.
  • In the UK approximately 1.5 million tonnes of biodegradable waste material is composted each year.  To meet the EU targets it has been estimated that the UK will need to divert from landfill an additional 17 million tonnes of biodegradable organic waste per year, with the majority of this material being SSO waste. ICC’s development in the UK market will involve turnkey sales to existing operations and in the third phase of its development own and operate or joint venture development of synthetic fuel facilities.
  • The Levenseat Organics Ltd. Recycling Facility in Scotland started operation in March 2009.  The land and building for the facility are located in Levenseat by Forth, Lanark, Scotland, ML11 8EP, and comprises of a 21,000 square foot that was completed in February of 2008.  
  • ICC UK entered into a joint venture with Levenseat Recycling of Scotland for the formation of Levenseat Organics Ltd.  ICC UK sold Levenseat Organics Ltd a 60 tonnes per day composting system, and will retain 25% ownership of Levenseat Organics Ltd.

Award-Winning Zero Waste Partnership
Regional District of Nanaimo & ICC Group

“Without the investment and commitment of ICC to organic waste diversion, the award-winning RDN Zero Waste Program would not be the success that it is today.”- Carey McIver, Manager, Solid Waste Regional District of Nanaimo