Waste to Electricity



ICC’s Organic Waste to Electricity Process2

ICC’s Modular Energy System (MES) for waste to energy solutions are containerized, waste to energy units, energy-efficient and cost-effective for local energy production and consumption (heat and/or electricity) from available organic waste feedstock.

ICC is producing pre-engineered Modular Energy Systems (processing 10 to 60 tonnes per day, or more):

  • 250 or 500 kW MES, containerized and mobile (if required); and
  • 1.0 or 1.5 MW MES, customizable for later expansion.


  • provides public and private organizations beneficial and economically attractive solutions to their energy needs and waste management challenges.
  • is moduler and fully integrated able to convert scalable waste volumes (starting from 10 tonnes of waste per day) in the form of food, yard & garden and wood waste into heat and/or electricity.
  • is scalable in the following configurations:

 Modular Energy System

Input Waste (approx)
Output Power
  ICC MES 0.25 MW 8 tonnes per day 250 kWh
  ICC MES 0.50 MW 16 tonnes per day 500 kWh
  ICC MES 1.00 MW 32 tonnes per day 1,000 kWh
  ICC MES 1.50 MW 48 tonnes per day 1,500 kWh
  Customized Configurations as required as required





Award-Winning Zero Waste Partnership
Regional District of Nanaimo & ICC Group

“Without the investment and commitment of ICC to organic waste diversion, the award-winning RDN Zero Waste Program would not be the success that it is today.”- Carey McIver, Manager, Solid Waste Regional District of Nanaimo